Chris Christie on Putin’s Endorsement: I Wouldn’t Want That Endorsement, Not For Five Seconds

“I am not looking for an endorsement from someone who can’t vote. I want endorsements from people who can vote. Vladimir Putin’s not going to have a vote for President of the United States.”

–Chris Christie on Vladimir Putin endorsing Donald Trump

2016 GOP Presidential candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, called into Kilmeade & Friends to give his thoughts on Vladimir Putin endorsing Donald Trump, why he thinks Senator Rand Paul is “small stuff”, why he believes Syrian leader Bashir Assad must go and the importance of doing well in the New Hampshire caucus and Iowa primary. Christie also takes issue with a Politico story that says he never followed through to block Syrian refugees from entering new Jersey. Plus, Christie tells Brian who Bobby Moynihan imitates better on Saturday Night Live, Brian Kilmeade or Governor Chris Christie?

Listen here:

Christie on Vladimir Putin endorsing Trump

“I am not looking for an endorsement from someone who can’t vote. I want endorsements from people who can vote. Vladimir Putin’s not going to have a vote for President of the United States.”

Christie on if it is right for any republican or democrat to accept that endorsement?

“I wouldn’t want that endorsement, Brian, not for five seconds.”

Christie on moving up to # 2 in the New Hampshire polls

“It feels good. It’s a reward for hard work and for being the guy who has really put forward specific ideas that are going to bring results for the American people and I think people are recognizing, especially now, that I am the person on that stage that is best prepared, based on my experience as a federal prosecutor and as a governor, to be able to keep our country, safe and secure.”

Christie on his Iowa & New Hampshire strategy

“I will be in Iowa after Christmas. We are going to New Hampshire tomorrow. We will be in New Hampshire for four days. Then we will take a few days off to celebrate Christmas with the family and then on the 27th of December, we will be back in Iowa, we will be there for three days.”

Christie on if it was hard not going back at Rand Paul after tried to bait him when he questioned his judgment over Bridge-gate

“Not at all Brian because I am running for the President of the United States and I am not worried about the small stuff and Rand Paul is the small stuff.”

Christie on showing the American people he is a guy who can keep cool under when under fire

“Oh absolutely, that’s what people want from a president. They want someone who is strong and tough, which I showed them I could be but they also want someone who is not reacting loudly and crazy to every insult. When you are President of the United States, you are going to get insulted a lot and you can’t react to every insult. You have to have the resolve to know that what you are doing in your heart and mind is right and continue to move forward. I am not going to respond to every insult. If I did, I mean geez Brain, I live in New Jersey, if I responded to every insult, all I would be doing is responding.”

Christie asked if reports he doesn’t have the infrastructure in place beyond New Hampshire and Iowa are correct.

“No, incorrect. Listen, we have great friends and supporters in South Carolina, in Mississippi, in Alabama, in Georgia. The Speaker of the House in Georgia (David Ralston) is supporting us. We have great support in Mississippi and South Carolina and we will continue to do really well in those states after New Hampshire. Here is the deal Brian, with 14 people in the race, you have to do well in Iowa or New Hampshire or you can’t go on.”

Christie on if Assad should stay or go.

“He is a murderer. He has caused enormous unrest and I think he is a major contributor to the creation of ISIS because of his treatment of Sunni’s in his country at the encouragement of the Shia regime in Iran. Assad is not an appropriate person to be leading any kind of civilized country.”

Christie on a Politico story that he never followed through trying to block Syrian refugees

“That’s not true. I sent a letter out making it very clear to people that we didn’t want them. Here is the problem Brian, the Federal government can override us and they are. The president has made it clear he is not going to listen to any request from any governor not to accept these folks. Since immigration is still a federal issue, the fact is, they are going to be able to continue to do what they are doing. I sent a letter Brian, there is nothing else for me to do. I said I object, I said I don’t want them but I saw that story, it’s written by an ignorant person who doesn’t understand the way I works. I made my feelings very plain to the federal government and the federal government has responded by saying that they are going to continue to place refugees.”

Who does Bobby Moynihan play better on Saturday Night Live: Governor Chris Christie or Brian Kilmeade?

CHRISTIE: I think he does you better, Brian! Jabroni, I think was the phrase he used. Jabroni! I haven’t heard that one in a while!