"What to look for tonight is a couple of people on there, Rubio and Cruz, really have the background and the knowledge, they are the closest ones to Trump right now and I am thinking tonight, some of the bold statements made by Trump, are going to be refuted by a couple of the people on that stage who really know, actually, know more about foreign policy than he does and that should come through. I was in shock to see what happened in terms of the poll numbers." (showing Trump increasing his lead)

--- Sen. Inhofe expecting some of the candidates will refute some of Trump's bold statements and being shocked at the latest poll #'s showing Trump has increased his lead.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss talk the climate change agreement that President Obama signed onto in Paris, why Trump doesn't have his vote ,why he feels Senators Cruz & Rubio have the background be president and why he thinks Sen Paul will not be the GOP nominee.

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Are you somebody who can work with Ted Cruz?

"Oh yeah. Cruz and Rubio are both very, very knowledgeable and I have worked with them in the past."

Inhofe on Rand Paul

"We need to look at the threat facing this nation, which is the greatest threat facing this country and that's why I would not support Paul because he doesn't recognize that. I think most of the rest of them recognize the danger that is out there and I don't think that Paul is going to get anywhere with his position on national defense."