"Politics is frankly never spoken about on the set or after the set when we are drinking at night together. What we are always talking about is how much money we are all making on our amazing businesses and everyone is lying through their teeth. No one tells the truth and that's what we talk about all night long. Nobody has the records and we all out do each other with our mouths, that's about the truth of it."

--Barbara Corcoran on what the stars of Shark Tank talk about when the cameras are not rolling

Barbara Corcoran, one of the 'Sharks' on ABC's hit TV show, 'Shark Tank', joined Kilmeade & Friends in studio to talk about how she went from straight D's to a successful business entrepreneur, how millennial's are more generous than anyone gives them credit for and why millennial's are attracted to work for businesses who are ethical. Plus, Barbara shares some behind the scenes tid bits on the hit reality show Shark Tank.

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Barbara Corcoran on how the men and women on Shark Tank differ when talking about the success of their personal businesses...

KILMEADE: Marc Cuban told me about a year ago that one or two of his companies are giving him trouble, the rest are doing pretty good.

CORCORAN: You can't believe all that, can you?

KILMEADE: I don't know? You guys know the truth.

CORCORAN: Every time I ask a man on that show how is your company doing, they are like 'amazing, amazing, amazing.' The only ones who tell the truth are the women, Laurie (Greiner) and I.

KILMEADE: How many of your businesses are successful?

CORCORAN: One third of my businesses are successful, two thirds have bit the dust and that's a tremendously high batting average.

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