"It was an extraordinary event precisely for what it failed to deliver. You had the odd spectacle of the President of the United States delivering a prime time Oval Office address while standing at a lectern in his own office, which ordinarily isn't there. Then the speech itself didn't deliver anything new and the President himself seemed so subdued at a time when the American People are not subdued, they are rather alarmed."

---James Rosen on President Obama's Oval Office speech on the San Bernardino shootings this past Sunday

Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent & author of "Cheney One On One: A Candid Conversation With America's Most Controversial Statesman", James Rosen, stopped by Kilmeade & Friends to discuss Donald Trump's call for banning Muslim immigration and shared his thoughts on President Obama's Oval Office Speech from this past Sunday that addressed the terror attacks in San Bernardino. Plus, Rosen spoke about attending the unveiling of former Vice President Dick Cheney's official bust at the Capitol.

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Click here to watch James Rosen, Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum & Brian during the break answer listener questions about their off camera relationships with each other and talk about what they will be doing during the holidays.

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