"I think Marco has really become extravagant with what he wants. A trillion dollars in new spending over 10 years, we do not have the money for it and I think actually in the end, and I think this is a valid argument, I think it will weaken the country and we will be less safe if we go further into debt, even if its ostensibly for military spending."

-Senator Paul on his disagreement with Senator Rubio over military spending.

2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, joined Kilmeade & Friends fill-in host, former U.S. Senator Scott Brown, to discuss Marco Rubio calling him an isolationist, why we should cut wasteful spending in the military and how he plans to appeal to voters who are not hardcore conservatives. Plus, Senator Paul explains why he feels we shouldn't bring Gitmo prisoners to America and why enemy combatants captured on the battlefield do not deserve Constitutional rights.

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Senator Paul on brining Gitmo detainees to America and whether he feels enemy combatants captured on the battlefield deserves Constitutional protection.

"I have said all along I don't think there is any reason we need to bring people from Gitmo up here. They are in some sort of a crazy limbo but they were captured in combat. Now I have a much different feeling for any Americans. I don't think any Americans should be sent to Gitmo from here. I have been a stickler for the Constitutional rights and the Bill of Rights in the United States. But I do think a clear cut distinction, that even if you are American, if you are American and you're with the ISIS over there and you are shooting at us, we will shoot you and we will capture you and you are an enemy combatant without question. You do not get the Bill of Rights if you are fighting in a battlefield against America. However, if you are on the internet in France and we think you are communicating with people in the battlefield in Syria, we can't just lock you up and kill you. We should arrest you and you should be tried for treason basically. If you get captured on the battlefield, I have no problem with you going to Guantanamo Bay and I don't want there to be a danger that we are capturing people overseas and bring them here and affording them all their constitutional rights if they are captured in a battlefield. But we have to make sure we don't say everywhere is a battlefield and we are clear where a battlefield is."