"Well, I think he is the greatest man alive, that's what I think. I love him, I adore him. I worship my dad. He proves you can be strong, you can be a leader and you can be kind and gentle too. This whole ideal that strength is measured by the volume of your voice and the outrageous things you say rather than the leadership skills of humility and integrity and having a backbone but also having a heart. My dad, I think exemplifies, put aside partisan politics, he exemplifies what it is to be a leader and what it is to be a good, decent, man."

-Jeb Bush after hearing his father's thoughts the night he lost the 1992 election to Bill Clinton

2016 presidential candidate, former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, joined Kilmeade & Friends fill in host, former U.S. Senator Scott Brown, to discuss how he plans to move forward on his campaign, Hillary Clinton dividing Americans and what made his father (President George H.W. Bush) a great leader.

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