Tony Robbins: If ISIS Blew Up the Russian Plane… Putin “Will Go Full Tilt Against Those People”

“If ISIS really blew up that plane, I think it’s maybe the best thing to happen to America because Putin is not going to say ‘I draw a line in the sand and you crossed it and I’m going to think about it.’ He will go full tilt against those people.”

—Tony Robbins reaction to hearing ISIS may be responsible for blowing up the Russian airliner this past Saturday.

#1 NY Times Best Selling Author, Life & Business Strategist, Tony Robbins, dropped by the Kilmeade & Friends studio to discuss the Russian airliner that crashed Saturday in Egypt, 2016, whether he thinks it is an issue that Sen. Rubio has had financial issues, why Trump, despite being a billionaire, is resonating with middle class voters, the importance of having a 401K in your portfolio and the dangers of having compounding fees in your 401k.

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When you see a presidential candidate (Marco Rubio) having financial issues, what do you think?

“Well, Obama paid off his student loans 3 years ago and he is President of the United States.”

Are you disappointed? Should people not vote for a presidential candidate with financial issues?

“No, no, people who commit to public office, often are not going to be financially well off. That’s not what it’s about. I think you want to respect the man that he put everything on the line and committed to his political career.”

Donald Trump

Can you explain why a billionaire like Trump is leading in the polls?

“I think, everybody knows, it’s obvious. We made the decision to go with President Obama in reaction to President Bush. We go for extremes. So what’s the opposite of someone who controls everything? It’s somebody who is out of control and somebody who is a business man. It’s like, listen, nobody gets anything done, a man gets up with total certainty and says ‘I’m going to do this’, even though he has no plan or no description, the idea that someone says ‘I’m not going to take any crap from anyone, I am going to do it’, excited people.”