"Obviously there is a bias there but there was something different going on and it was kind of sad. It wasn't bias, it was incompetence...They were like hyperactive kids who stole dad's car."

----Gutfeld on the CNBC GOP debate moderators last night

Greg Gutfeld, co-host of The Five & host of The Greg Gutfeld Show, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss last night's GOP debate, his take on the incompetent debate moderators, why he thinks Donald Trump is like a band on a greatest hits tour & his new book "How To Be Right: The Art Of Being Persuasively Correct".

Watch here:

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Gutfeld comparing Trump to a band on a greatest hits tour.

"I compare him to a band on tour, he has all his greatest hits, China, China is his 'Free Bird'. He talks about Jeb and his low energy, that's his 'Stairway To Heaven'." Brian "The Wall" Gutfeld "The wall is his wall, Pink Floyd. He is like the guy, the soloist who improvises during the song and that's why people come to see the band, it's like, what's he going to say today."

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