< "Donald Trump is great entertainment... he is not going to be our nominee, he is not a serious candidate. he is an ego maniac..." ---Bobby Jindal on whether Trump can be the GOP presidential nominee 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss his campaign, why he feels Trump will not be the GOP presidential nominee, why he disagrees with Donald Trump blaming Bush for 9/11, how President Obama's lack of leadership has led to Russia expanding their power in the Middle East and his new book, "American Will: The Forgotten Choices That Changed Our Republic".

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Do you agree with Trump blaming Bush for 9/11?

"No. I think he continues to say crazy things. The reality is, I may not have agreed with all the spending decisions made under President Bush's administration but President George W Bush after 9/11 did keep us safe. He deserves credit for that....the folks responsible for 9/11 are radical Islamic terrorists. Let's be clear about the enemy we face, let's go hunt them down, kill them, let's give President Bush credit, whatever we may disagree with him on other issues, after 9/11, he did what it took to keep us safe."

Will infighting among republicans hurt them on Election Day?

"At the end of the day I think we are going to win this election because I think the left is running a weak candidate. Hillary Clinton, who is one email away from going to jail. Bernie Sanders, socialist, is now number two in their polls, which is crazy to me."

Does Trump have a shot to be the GOP nominee?

"Donald Trump is great entertainment, he is politically incorrect, he is an outsider. I love the fact that he went after the DC establishment, he is entertainment but he is not going to be our nominee, he is not a serious candidate. he is an ego maniac, he is not a real conservative. You can see that with comments about health care, about his comments on raising taxes but at the end of the day, I think he has tapped into something true and serious, voters are saying, we have hones socialists on the left, lying conservatives on the right. Republicans waved the white flag on amnesty, Obamacare, on the Iran deal and on Planned Parenthood. We want republicans that will fight for us."

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