"No, I think Donald Trump is totally wrong there. That sounds like a Michael Moore talking point."

Congressman Peter King disagreeing with Donald Trump saying President Bush is partially responsible for 9/11 because it happened on his watch.

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) joined Kilmeade & Friends to talk about Donald Trump blaming 9-11 on President Bush, Trump & Carson forcing CNBC to change the GOP debate to 2 hours and the differences between how Bush & Obama treat the military.

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Peter King's response to Donald Trump saying President George W. Bush should share some of the blame for 9/11

"No, I think Donald Trump is totally wrong there. That sounds like a Michael Moore talking point. Anyone who has a real knowledge of that, you can get all the CIA people, no one saw that the attack of 9/11 coming. What George Bush did was totally revamp the entire intelligence sharing information system. He set up defenses so that we have not been successfully attacked in any large way since 9/11. Nobody would have known that on September 12 or known that on September 12th and to blame George bush for what happened on September 11th is again, that shows a lack of knowledge and it's too much of a cheap shot at the president."

Robert Gates saying Biden & others in the Obama Administration told Obama not to trust the military.

"Unfortunately, I have to agree with him, Secretary Gates. This administration came in with an attitude against the military, it's almost a leftover from the 1960's, an attitude against the military and against the police. I saw President Bush, the way he dealt with the military, he listened to their advice, he respected it. When he thought they were wrong he brought in new people but he never questioned the motives of the military. He dealt with them as the professionals they are. You talk to any number of high ranking military people and they will tell you they don't feel that trust coming from the Oval Office that they had under President Bush or for that matter, under President Clinton. President Clinton started out as sort of an anti-war guy but once he became president, he was a pretty traditional president as far as dealing with the military. But president Obama dealing with the military but also President Obama with the police. When that cop up in Boston who arrested his friend or was actually trying to protect his friends home, right away President Obama was saying he [ the arresting officer] was stupid. Meanwhile when you have Major Hasan murdering 13 people in Texas he said don't jump to conclusions. He is very quick to question the police, very quick. He has an attitude against top military officials and that's why we could well end up losing Iraq and how we could have lost Afghanistan."