Chris Wallace, anchor of Fox News Sunday, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about his upcoming interview this Sunday with 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, why it took so long for Trump to appear on Fox News Sunday and the reason he will not do a phone interview with a presidential candidate. Plus, Wallace jabs Brian about being mocked on Saturday Night Live!

Listen here:

Wallace on why he said yes to having Trump on Fox News Sunday and why it took so long

"I wasn't stopping him from coming on. We have been asking for weeks, ever since he got into the campaign and he was a little mad at us after the first Republican debate, the Fox debate, and said no, and he has finally agreed to do it and we are delighted to have him. He is the front runner of the campaign, why wouldn't I say yes?"

You did say in the past, no phone interviews for presidential candidates

"I did say that and I believe that. Here is what I would say to all my colleagues who do Sunday shows, have they ever done a phoner for anybody else ? No. Not for Clinton, not for Carson, not for Jeb Bush, not for anybody. I think you play by the same rules. Sunday shows, I know you guys do phoners on Fox & Friends but it's a little different but a Sunday show, we pride ourselves on long, in-depth, well-researched interviews and the idea you would sit there and do a phoner with a guy who may be in his pajamas or have his talking points in front of him, I don't think it gives the audience an adequate sense of how he reacts to questions and how he is thinking and reacting in real time. Yeah, no phoners but we are going to be face to face and tape the interview here in the Washington suburbs on Saturday and run it on Sunday."