Former Connecticut senator and current Chairman of "United Against A Nuclear Iran", Joe Lieberman, called into Kilmeade & Friends to talk about Russia's expanding role in Syria and the Middle-East and whether or not he will support Lindsey Graham for president

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Joe Lieberman--Don't Know How Obama Can Say Russia Not Advancing Russia's Cause

"He has a totally different view of the world than I do which is that is president Obama does because, let me set the table first, the US remains the strongest country in the world. We have the strongest economy, we certainly have the strongest military. But if you don't use your strength it doesn't matter. Obama's right, his economy is like a shell and hi military is no match for us. But he acts and he's changing facts on the ground in the middle east so I don't know how anybody could say that what he's doing is not advancing Russia's cause."

Does your Lindsey Graham have your vote for president?

"I Love Lindsey, I hope he does well. he is having a hard time because there are so many people in the race and its been hard to get visibility. He is so well informed, he is so smart and so practical. He is a Republican who is always trying to find ways, without compromising his principles, to work with across party lines to get something done. I would like to see him succeed but I will not be voting in the republican primaries, unfortunately. "

If Graham was the nominee in the general election, would he have your vote?

"Its too early to say but let me just say, he is one of my best friends, not just in politics but in the world. He is a really good guy."