2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the ramifications for America and the Middle East as Russia forms an alliance with Iran to fight Syrian rebels and whether or not he plans on dropping out of the 2016 presidential race before the next debate.

Listen here:

Reaction to Russia Conducting Air Raids in Syria

"Number one, our commander-in-chief is incompetent and our secretary of state is delusional on the politics of the Middle-East, Putin, Iran and just the entire situation over there. From a Russian point of view, this is a good move. What they are going to do is align with Iran, forming a regional force with the Syrians & Iranians and they are going to do what I was advocating what we should do. They are probably going to go in on the ground and push out the Syrian rebels and they are going to give Assad some breathing space so he can hold on to power that will help Iran, that will help Russia, while we are sitting on the sidelines not doing a damn thing about it."

What does this mean for America?

"With Assad being propped up by Russia and Iran, it means the war never ends."

What does President Obama think about Russian President Vladimir Putin?

"The President believes that Putin is kind of a dummy, he is sort of a Bush-type leader that has blundered his way into Syria and he is going to get into a spot where he can't get out. This is where the President doesn't understand Putin and the world. What Putin is doing is using military force in conjunction with Iran to save his best ally in the Mid-East, which is Assad, to gain more control in Syria and have a larger voice in the Mid-East. What Obama doesn't understand is Putin is making a bold play, a smart play from the Russian point of view but a nightmare for us."

Graham explains what message Russia and Iran are sending to President Obama & America

"Here is what Russia and Iran are saying to Obama, you are weak, they are slapping him in the face, they have no respect for the man, they have no respect for the United States. If I am an Arab, I am really worried about what's going on, the Sunni/Arab nations now have in their backyard, a stronger Iran, more weapons, more money and an alliance with Russia that gives them a military advantage that they will enjoy today and Syria is going to be a launching pad for the next 9/11."

If you can't get to the 3% threshold for the next GOP debate, is it over Senator Graham?

"No, I'll just keep fighting. This race is in the second inning of a nine inning game. I will be in the debate, the undercard debate, I don't know what level I will be in but I know that my message is not an undercard message."