Reggie Love, former personal aide to President Obama and author of “Power Forward: My Presidential Education”, joined sat down with Brian to talk how he came to be a personal aid to the President of the United States, the behind the scenes feelings of the-Senator Obama on whether or not Hillary Clinton was the one pushing the rumors that he was a Muslim, who President Obama would endorse if it came down to Biden vs Hillary for the 2016 Democratic nomination and more.

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff putting out rumors that then Senator Obama was a Muslim.

Reggie explained to Brian the incident that took place during the 2008 primary when then-Senator Obama had an exchange with Hillary Clinton on the tarmac at Ronald Reagan National Airport, where Hillary wanted to apologize, telling Obama that she had nothing to do with the rumors that he was a Muslim and why Obama wasn’t very receptive to the apology.

“For then-Senator Obama the campaign trail had been very challenging for him, and one of the things I don’t think he expected was in the democratic primary there would have been as much smearing…and going after peoples credibility and who they are as a person with information that is a little less than accurate. So I think it had less to do with the apology that she offered and more to do with how are we going to move this forward because we are still campaigning and we have to be better stewards in this process.”

There is still a belief in the Obama camp that Hillary’s staff were spreading the rumors that Obama is a Muslim?

“Don’t know where it originated, there were definitely folks from that camp who moved them along as well.”

Who would President Obama endorse if Joe Biden runs against Hilary Clinton for the democratic nomination?

“My assumption is that if they were both in he would probably stay out of it. I think the relationships he has with Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton are very, very strong.”

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