George Pataki, 2016 GOP presidential candidate & former three term governor of New York, stopped by the Kilmeade & Friends studio to talk about why he feels the republicans should not shut down the government over funding Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump saying it’s not up to him to defend President Obama when someone calls him a Muslim and why he feels Dr. Ben Carson is wrong for saying we shouldn’t have a Muslim president.

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Pataki on Trump not defending Pres. Obama being called a Muslim.

Do you agree with Trump when he says it’s not his obligation to defend President Obama from being called a Muslim?

“No I think Trump is completely wrong. When someone says something that is obviously false and untrue about the President of the United States and you are seeking to be the President of the United States, you have an obligation to call him out and say this just isn’t the case, it’s not true.”

Pataki on Trump’s comments on Meet the Press & Ben Carson saying we shouldn’t have a Muslim president.

Well, there he goes again. A guy who says who says he was not born in America, looking for his birth certificate, I think he is just wrong. But Dr. Carson is wrong too. You know, they said the same thing back in the past, you couldn’t have a Catholic president, you couldn’t have a Jewish president, you couldn’t have an African American or a women president and now Dr Carson is saying you can’t have a Muslim president and I think it is just wrong. It comes down to respect for our system of gov’t, respect for the constitution. They have to agree that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, all of the freedoms enshrined by our constitution supersede any law.