Donald Trump, 2016 presidential candidate, called into Kilmeade and Friends and agreed with Gov. Scott Walker when he said the media predetermined Carly Fiorina would win the debate. Trump continued on the topic of Fiorina, saying she is like a robot, very robotic. Trump also said it would be his honor to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he comes to New York City later this month.

Listen here:

Trump reacts to Scott Walker saying going in he knew the media would say Carly Fiorina had a big night.

TRUMP: "Is that what Scott Walker said? KILMEADE: Yes TRUMP: "Wow! I don't totally disagree. I think on some level they wanted to have some kind of narrative. They fed her softballs; I don't get that whole situation. They fed her softballs. Some of the things they asked were ridiculous, 'Donald Trump said this' she practically didn't even have to answer. So I could see something happening with respect to that perhaps, I don't know. If Scott Walker says it, I have a lot of respect for him, I like him, nice guy, he's having a hard time but he is certainly a man that knows what's going on and that's an interesting statement that he makes."

Did Carly Fiorina Impress you at all?

"Well she has a line of pitter patter that I have heard many times from her. She always starts off by saying 'the first thing I do is call my dear friend Bibi Netanyahu of Israel' I've heard that so many times and she said it the other night, the same exact words, ba ba ba, like a robot and everybody said 'isn't that wonderful'. In fact somebody the other day accused her of being robotic, I think she is very robotic. I also think she ran Hewlett-Packard into the ground. She destroyed that company. The other day they laid off 30,000 people, they are still suffering the effects of her reign. And she destroyed Lucent before (Hewlett-Packard) So Lucent was destroyed, Hewlett-Packard was destroyed and people don't even to mention it. So I think she was very protected, absolutely. I think Scott Walker, at least to an extent, is correct."

Donald Trump on meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin...

KILMEADE: Are you going to meet with Vladimir Putin?

TRUMP: "Well, somebody said he is going to see me, he would like to see me. And if he would like to, I have no idea, but if he would like to certainly I am available. But somebody said that he would like to see me. I heard that last night for the first time. I have no idea. I don't know. I really don't know but I have heard that and I guess he is coming here for some reason. We'll see. You will certainly be the first to know, Brian. The whole world hates us. And I get along with people, I will get along so well. I deal internationally. I have made a lot of money internationally... I would just probably get along with him and possibly I won't, but probably I would. And we'll what happens. I have no idea whether or not we are going to meet."

KILMEADE: But you would meet if he asked? TRUMP: "Oh, sure. Of course I would. It would be my honor it would be very good to meet him. It's a positive thing to do, not a negative thing."

On the debate ratings...

"The two debates, your debate had 24 million, and CNN, it was the biggest number in the history of CNN according to what I have heard from them and they know where those numbers come from. Let me ask you a question, so they had 24 million at Fox, 23 million at CNN. If I weren't in the debate how many people would have been watching?"

KILMEADE: I would say 2-6.

TRUMP: "I would say maybe 2. Maybe 2 million. So they had 24 million and would say they would have had 2 million so I picked up 22 million. You know what that is, there is something going on. People want to see good things happen for this country....The mistake they made, but they didn't make a commercial mistake because what they did was just suck the blood out of it and it was terrible in one sense. Having a three hour debate, and I don't mean from a physical stand point because I wasn't even tired at the end, having a 3 hour debate for people to watch for 3 hours was atrocious."

On the temperature in the room during the debate...

"The room was extremely hot, extremely hot for everybody sitting there and for the people standing. Marco Rubio, I have never seen anybody sweat that. A lot of these guys are serious sweaters, frankly. It was extremely hot in the room and extremely uncomfortable."

On speaking to Jeb Bush about casino's in FL...

"I never spoke to him . I don't think I ever spoke to him while he was in office. I had a fundraiser for him that his father asked me to do for him. But I never called him and asked. By the way, the question was did I ever call him. If something was important, I would have called. And then right after that, when he got out of office, the new governor, Charlie Crist I think it was, approved casino gambling and I actually did very well because casino gambling was approved because I made a settlement and was paid a lot of money, one of my companies was paid a lot of money. But here is the thing, I never, me, I never asked him, and I am not sure if I ever spoke to him while he was governor. But I never called him and asked him to approve casino gambling."

Responds to General Lloyd Austin's comments saying we currently have 4-5 trained fighters in Syria...

"It is so sad. I actually heard another report this morning that the number isn't 40 million, it is 50 million for a few fighters. That's the way the country is run and they wonder about deficits and why we have deficits....all these things can be solved if I get elected."