Chris Wallace, anchor of FOX News Sunday and also one of the moderators at the first GOP debate on Fox News, joined Kilmeade & Friends to break down last night's GOP debate on CNN.

Listen here:

Wallace On CNN's performance.

"I thought it was a debate for people who don't like republicans. It seemed to me the moderators were more interested in picking fights and inciting insults than they were in exploring issues... had the quality of a tattletale in the playground who were saying 'hey Jimmy, Johnny said this about you yesterday. What do you think about him?' Or, 'Go punch him in the nose'."

As far as the candidates themselves, Wallace felt he didn't think anybody had a bad night but felt there were three winners.

"Fiorina I thought did the best, she really distinguished herself. The other two I would say were Marco, who particularly in the second half of the debate, when it got to foreign policy, I thought showed a command of the issues and a vision for where he wanted to take the country, and Chris Christie who reminded people why they were fascinated with him in the first place."

Wallace on Trumps performance.

"I didn't think Trump had a bad night. I didn't think he had a particularly good night. And there were long stretches where he wasn't being called on and he seemed fine with that for 20 minutes or so, not to be asked a question, which I thought diminished him a little bit."