Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, called into Kilmeade & Friends shortly after attending the 9/11 memorial ceremony at ground zero in NYC, to talk about his memories of that day, the Iran deal, the 2016 presidential election, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal calling Trump a narcissist and why he feels GOP candidates are underestimating Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal calling Donald Trump a narcissist, an ego maniac and a carnival act:

"I think Bobby made a big mistake there, I really do. First of all, all that stuff about narcissist and all of a sudden Bobby has become a psychiatrist? And saying he is a carnival act, lets save that language for democrats. He (Trump) happens to be the leading candidate in our party right now. I used to be the leading candidate in our party and didn't get nominated and Newt Gingrich was the leading candidate and he didn't get nominated so, take it easy, relax, don't over react to Donald Trump. Donald may be the candidate or may not be the candidate but he is certainly touching a nerve among a lot of republicans which I think the other candidates should respect, they should respect that. I would like to see them all deal with each other in a more respectful way. I'd even like to see Donald do that, I'd like to see him not get quite so personal. I think a lot of the arguments he is making are very, very good ones about how our country needs to be secure, how our borders need to be secure."

Trump on Foreign Policy:

"Donald is not ignorant as far as foreign policy is concerned. If they think that, they're making a big mistake. He has as good a knowledge as they do about what's going on in the world, maybe from a different perspective as a business man. If they want to attack his viewpoint and point out he has changed his mind on certain things like they did about Romney, that's legitimate and then you have to explain it, explain you were pro-choice and have become pro-life, you have to explain why. That's a legitimate attack."

Reflecting on 9/11/2001

Do you ever get used to what happened, 14 years later?

"No Brian you don't. Each time they ring a bell for the first plane hitting and the second plane and the first tower coming down and the second tower coming down, it just reminds me of where I was and what I saw when those things happened and those things are very difficult memories and the pain doesn't go away."

Giuliani believes we are greater risk of another attack because of the policies of the Obama administration

"I am beginning to feel that we are at greater risk then we were before September 11 (2001) (Brian) Why? (Giuliani) because of the policies of this administration. I think they are making all the same mistakes. In the 1980's and the 90's we were being attacked in the by Islamic terrorists and bin Laden declared war on us and they attacked the (USS) Cole and we didn't do anything about it.

The Iran Deal: "Here we are making an agreement with a man with a mass murderer and we really expect he is not going to hand off nuclear material to the terrorist groups he is sponsoring? Yesterday the Ayatollah (of Iran) kind of stuck his finger in the president's eye by saying Israel will be gone in 25 years and we are making an agreement with him? Something about that seems almost insane to me"

President Obama celebrating the Iran deal:

"I believe this is capitulation to Iran, I mean this is like, surrender. I can't think of an agreement that is more absurd than this.

Rudy Giuliani's Thoughts on the 2016 race so far

"I was just there with George Pataki and Chris Christie down at Ground Zero, after it was over we spent a little time talking about how strange this election is and who knows what's going to happen. Then (NY) governor (Andrew) Cuomo was there and I asked him 'as an outsider what do you think?' And he said the same thing. On his side it's supposed to be Hillary and that's all falling apart. This is a very strange one Brian; I don't know if anyone can handicap this one right now, I think the rules are changing."