Today on Kilmeade & Friends, NJ Governor and 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Chris Christie, called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss Donald Trump being stumped by Hugh Hewitt, His belief Joe Biden is running for president and Hillary Clinton.

Listen here:

Governor Chris Christie on to Brian Kilmeade on Kilmeade & Friends on if he considered Hugh Hewitt's question to Donald J. Trump a 'gotcha' question:

"No. Listen, I don't think you get anywhere complaining about the questions you get in a presidential race. You're looking to be President of the United States, that means you have to be ready to answer any thing at any time. And you know what? If someone doesn't know an answer to a question they should just say 'I don't know', they shouldn't make it up."

On VP Joe Biden's remarks to union members in Pittsburgh

"That's the first evidence I have that Joe Biden is actually running for president because he is in full pander mode to the AFLCIO. The fact is that the public sector unions in this country has helped to ruin the economy in this country by their huge bloated pensions, their enormous healthcare benefits that no one else in America gets, all at the expense of the tax payers. And I've fought that in New Jersey as long as I have been Governor. We've made some changes, we are going to make more. The VP is apparently now running for president. That was a declaration for president. He is in full pander mode to organize public sector labor. If he thinks that a union movement on the public sector side that has built this economy then the VP is sadly mistaken."


"I think we are seeing the real Hillary Clinton. She's imperious. She believes she is part of a royal family that is deserving of ascendancy to the presidency. She doesn't answer questions. She's hiding things and deceptive by setting up her own private email server so nobody can see what she is doing. Now she won't answer questions from anybody. I heard her say to Ed Henry the other day that she is going to answer one question because she felt that was what he was entitled to. Well, thank you your highness. We're so honored to be in your presence. She can't change because this is who she is. And by the way, if she does change and appear for a moment or two to actually care about the American people, for a moment or two to be willing to answer questions like a real leader is supposed to, believe me, it will just be an act. We've been watching the real Hillary Clinton."