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Greta Talk: Sit back and enjoy listening to lively and fascinating conversations with Greta van Susteren, host of FOX News Channel's On the Record.

Meet Frank Fiorina, husband of GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, and thus the only other prospective "first dude" besides Bill Clinton. Coming from a modest upbringing in Pittsburgh, Fiorina was able to work his way up the ladder at AT&T, eventually becoming an executive before retiring at 48. These days he can be found on the campaign trail alongside his wife, where he feels meeting the people is an experience he finds truly "gratifying". In this edition of Greta Talk, Mr. Fiorina discusses the way his faith was tested when Carly was diagnosed with breast cancer in the same year he lost his daughter, Lori Ann. He also tells the On the Record host about how he and Carly met, why humor isn't her best quality, and who's the better cook. And why does he take credit for Carly debating so well? Download and tune in to find out!

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Fast Forward: Join FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent as she digs into stories on tech, innovation, media, and robots. Lots of robots.

In this week's FAST FORWARD, FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent revisits some of her guests over the last 20+ episodes asking the top names in tech what a day in their life is like. Ever wonder what a day is like right after a company goes public? Aaron Levie, the CEO of cloud storage company Box fills us in.  Alex Blumberg is busy trying to create the "HBO of podcasts" over at his company Gimlet Media...but what time does he wake up? And how many cups of coffee does Mic CEO Chris Altchek drink in a day? Jo gets the scoop from these tech leaders and many more of Silicon Valley's best and brightest!

Plus, from waking up at 4 AM, to hair and make-up, and lots of reading and writing...Jo walks you through her day as a Fox Business Network Correspondent.