kinzinger2Rep. Adam Kizsinger (R-IL) dropped by Kilmeade and Friends and talked to Brian about Donald Trump, ISIS, Iraq, the Nuclear Deal with Iran and more.

On Donald Trump, Rep. Kinzinger said that he is not really the conservative that the people really think he is. He also explained that if you listen to what he is saying, Trump isn’t actually saying a lot of really anything. He also talked about why he is backing Jeb Bush for the GOP presidential nomination.

On the trouble in the Middle East he feels that we have lost ground against ISIS and that the President’s bombing strategy just isn’t going far enough to do any real damage.

Congressman Kinsinger went on to tell Brian that it is ridiculous for the administration to what the Syrian rebels to agree that they won’t take on the Assad regime, who have basically been tortured by Assad regimes them for generations.