Joe Lieberman On Democrats Supporting The Iran Nuke Deal: “As A JFK Democrat, I Am Disappointed How My Party Is Going On This One”

Former Connecticut Senator and Chairman of United Against Nuclear Iran, Joe Lieberman, called into Kilmeade & Friends and discussed why he believes the nuclear deal with Iran could lead to war in the Middle East and his disappointment with many in the democrat party who are supporting the deal.

Listen here:

What Do You Have Against This Deal?

“Let me speak personally because I was in the senate and worked on just about every piece of legislation that imposed economic sanctions on Iran to stop its nuclear program. In every case, there were strong, bi-partisan majorities in favor of those sanctions. In every case I can tell you, every one of us had a singular intention and that was those economic sanctions. That pressure on Iran would bring them to negations for a diplomatic settlement to the problem of their nuclear weapons that would involve a simple trade which is we would end the economic sanctions on them and they would end their nuclear weapons program. Instead, the negations resulted in an agreement in which we end the sanctions on them and they essentially get to be a nuclear weapons power. If they keep their word, which they never have, that won’t happen for ten or fifteen years. If they cheat, it will happen sooner and the world will be a lot more dangerous than it is.”

The President says if you don’t agree with him you are one of the crazies?

(laughing) “That’s probably the first time I have been called a crazy. I have been called many things but I thought that was really over the top by the president. We have tried, most of us, to have a thoughtful discussion and debate on the merits or demerits of this proposal. You know basically, the president has not been meting us at that level. The main argument he has been making is the choice is between this agreement or war, which is ridiculous. I think if the agreement goes into effect, the prospects of war in the Middle-East are much more likely. All the money Iran will have, which it will give to all the terrorist groups, will be used to attack Israel and the Arab countries there and the Arabs and Israelis will inevitably have to fight back and that is much more likely to cause a war. To call us crazies now, that’s not much of an argument. I was frankly really surprised about it.”

Besides Senators Menendez and Schumer, what other senators might vote against the deal?

“You’ve got a number of people, you have Senator Booker of New Jersey, Senator Coons and Carper who are undecided in Delaware. Senator Heitkamp in North Dakota. Casey in Pennsylvania. I must say, as a democrat, and a JFK democrat, I am disappointed with how my party is going on this one.”