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Greta Talk: Sit back and enjoy listening to lively and fascinating conversations with Greta van Susteren, host of FOX News Channel's On the Record.

Despite being busy on the campaign trail with her husband, former Arkansas Governor and 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Janet Huckabee was happy to find time to catch up with Greta Van Susteren. In this edition of Greta Talk, Mrs. Huckabee speaks in-depth about some of the hardships she and her husband have faced in their 41 years of marriage, including a battle with spinal cancer at the age of 20, learning to walk again, and fearing they would never be able to have children.

After beating cancer, having three children, and participating in three different marathons, it's safe to say that Mrs. Huckabee is one tough cookie! The former First Lady of Arkansas also tells the On the Record host about her and the Governor's first date, who said 'I love you' first, and who is more of a morning person.

You're going to want to tune in to this one!

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Fast Forward: Join FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent as she digs into stories on tech, innovation, media, and robots. Lots of robots.

In this week's FAST FORWARD, FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent sits down with assistant managing editor of Fortune magazine Leigh Gallagher. They discuss the new and ongoing trend of extended maternal leave taking place at corporations nationwide. From some companies offering up to one year of maternal leave to others even proposing paternal leave, Jo and Leigh uncover the (exciting) motive behind this movement.

And in Reboot, the loudest presidential hopeful has been leading the GOP pack, but some wonder if Donald Trump can maintain his large lead. Plus, which wireless provider is teaming up with the NSA to spy on Americans? ...Press play and find out.