Former UN Ambassador, John Bolton, joined Kilmeade & Friends and discussed Donald Trump, Hillary’s e-mails and the latest on the Iran nuclear side deals.

Watch here:

Ambassador Bolton’s reaction to Donald Trump Calling him one if his go-to guys for military advice:

“My general policy is I don’t comment on conversations with presidential candidates and I don’t even comment on whether I have had them because if I started to talk about one I would have to talk about them all and what I am trying to do is be available to help them out. What Donald Trump said is he watches the shows and I am happy he watches Fox News and the Fox Business Network and more power to him for that. “

He has not reached out to you?

“Well that gets me into my policy of who I have talked to or whether I have talked to them. He was a contributor to my super-PAC last year and I did meet with him last year about it and had a very interesting conversation with him.”

Did you have a sense then that he was running?

“I was thinking of running myself then so my blinders were kind of off but I was kind of talking about what I might do.”

Is Trump running good for the Republican Party?

“He has clearly brought attention to this race that it would not have had but for his presence in it and I think for the republican party that is good. (Brian) You think it’s good? (Bolton) I think having this debate has to be beneficial for the party.”

Marc Thiessen saying Pres. Obama is enjoying Trump’s Success and the republican debate on the 14th Amendment:

“I think the issue is we are going to have these discussions and there are these broad swaths of the republican party that have pretty strong views on questions like immigration. You can’t suppress that, you can’t shut that up. I think the real phenomenon is if you add Trump, Carson and Fiorina votes, you have a huge plurality. In some polls a majority of republican voters who have rejected conventional politicians and I think that is what this is about its not that its evaluating Donald Trump as a candidate, he is a force of nature. I don’t mean to disrespect to Marc Thiessen, who is a college at AEI, a friend and somebody I respect, I will say this more broadly about a lot of people on the right who have been commenting on this. When elites begin to disdain their followers and they look down on them and reject the people who support some of these candidates, they are not going to be elites very long. Thank God, let’s have an open debater. I am not afraid of it.”


Why should we care about the side deals with the IAEA?

“This is really important. We have just had the publication of one of the side deals that have been kept secret, the Associated Press got a copy and its out. We don’t have the first one, which is broader but we have the second one on the Parchin site, which you mentioned earlier on your show. I have now read it and I am convinced the International Atomic Energy Agency did not negotiate this side deal with Iran on their own. The IAEA is an institution created by governments and it does what governments want it to do and it particularly does what the five permanent members of the security council want, the only legitimate powers under the non-proliferation treaty. I think the negations may have gone something like this, the Iranians say this is what we are willing to do. The IAEA takes that to John Kerry and says look, this is what the Iranians want. Can you live with this? Kerry says yes or he says I need these changes and the IAEA goes back to the Iranians and tries to get them. I think the administration is dissembling on this. They may be telling the truth, just to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they are not telling the whole truth, they knew exactly what was in these deals.”

Iran being able to take their own samples for inspection:

“It’s even worse than that. When you come to where they’re going to take the photographs, where they are going to take the samples, it says ‘mutually agreed upon by the IAEA and Iran’. That’s diplo-speak for Iran has a veto. If they don’t agree to a particular sample or don’t agree to a particular photo, it doesn’t happen because it’s not mutually agreed. Now if the first, larger agreement on the broader aspects of the military program is the same way, Iran is home free because on the basis of this Parchin agreement, there is no way the IAEA will be able to conclude anything but we see no information about a military dimension. This is cooked. This is baked in the cake. This deal is a fraud. Iran out negotiated us for two and a half years and this is just further evidence of it.”