Former presidential candidate and columnist, Pat Buchanan joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss Donald Trump leading the GOP pack and Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal being just like Nixon's tapes

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Pat Buchanan compared Hillary Clinton's email scandal to Nixon & Watergate:

"What are you going to keep all this junk for, you know? Burn them. And then they are all going to yell, but they are only going to yell once and it's over. Hillary's problem is, and our problem was, the president didn't do it. So the Special Prosecutor 'I want more tapes' nothing on them 'more tapes, more tapes' until they get some tape that shows Nixon may have been involved earlier than he said and then he is gone. This is her problem. She can't stop the bleeding."

When you see Donald Trump, do you see yourself?

"Does the Trump phenomenon remind me? Certainly it does, given the fact it was a populist campaign that we conducted that was on immigration and securing the borders and it was on the unfair trade deals that cost us factories and jobs."

Differences between Trump and himself:

"Trump is different, Trump is running well into the lead, I was never in the lead in '92 or '96 and of course he has the Trump persona which is different than mine."

Does Trump have a shot to be the GOP nominee?

"He is really on fire. There is no question about it, Brian. I think he is strong enough now that unless something happens that causes him to implode he enters the primaries, in the finals as the insurgent-outsider-challenger-candidate, which is the same role I had... I would make him almost the favorite for the nomination if he can maintain where he is right now into January."

Does the 2016 race remind you of any other time in history?

"What is happening, I believe, is basically the disintegration of the center of American politics. Both parties if you will, Obama and the republican party in Washington, have lost the mandate of heaven. The American people no longer trust them and they're looking outside politics for something different, something new."