Former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie: Never Underestimate Trump

Ed Gillespie, former Counselor to the President in the President George W. Bush Administration & former RNC Chairman, explained to Brian a possible reason as to why current RNC Chair Reince Priebus canceled his appearance on Face the Nation after the debates. He also talked about why Trump, Fiorina, Carson & Sanders are rising in the polls, and why some republicans second guessing the Iraq invasion.

Listen here:

Reince Preibus canceling his appearance on Face the Nation:

“Reince was originally going to be on Face the Nation then they added Donald Trump to be on with him or after him or before him. I think if you are the RNC Chairman you don’t want to be juxtaposed to any of the candidates. When I was doing the Sunday shows as RNC Chairman, I would go on against the Democrat National Committee Chairman, that’s what you want to have…the republican party head and democrat party head talking about the differences between the two parties, not put the republican party chairman on to talk about the differences between several (republican) nominees”

Gillespie also broke down the GOP candidates and explained why non politicians are resonating with voters.

Donald Trump:
“Never underestimate Donald Trump…he is tapping into a sense of frustration voters have.”

Fiorina & Carson:
“Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are also polling well because they are all striking a chord with the republican primary electorate who are looking for non-politicians.”