During a phone interview with Brian Kilmeade on Kilmeade and Friends, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was critical of both Donald Trump and Jeb Bush’s plans to defeat ISIL. Listen to the full interview below.

Graham on Trump

GRAHAM: Yea, it sounds like a stupid plan. How would you like your family member to go to Iraq wearing an American uniform and say ‘I am here to get your oil?’ How does that work? Is that what we are coming down to in this primary contest? To say we are going to send an American ground force back to Iraq to get their oil? Now, obviously, he has never been in the military. What would the Joint Chief of Staff say about such a plan? Is that who we are as Americans now? Are we down to this? Trying to have somebody be Commander In Chief who believes that the solution to ISIL is to go back to Iraq and take their oil? How would that go over? How would you like to be a soldier in Iraq saying ‘Hey, I am here to get your oil!’

Graham on Jeb Bush

KILMEADE: Was it a mistake for Jeb to say it was a mistake?

GRAHAM: Well, all I can say is that I am not going to say that. I like Jeb a lot, but he came out with this plan to defeat ISIL. It was woefully inadequate. Having a no fly zone in Syria is a good start but you need a ground component. I am trying to tell Jeb there is nobody left in Syria that we can train to topple ISIL and replace Assad because you’ve got to do both. They have been decimated so a no-fly zone without a ground component won’t work. He said he would maybe send some special forces into Iraq. That is not enough. You are going to need about three times the troops we have in Iraq to stabilize Iraq if you don’t fix Syria you never fix Iraq. If you don’t fix Syria you don’t fix Iraq. All of our guys are criticizing Obama but they aren’t coming up with a plan. My plan is simple, whatever it takes, as long as it takes to destroy ISIL.