Chris Wallace on Trump: ““I Don’t Think He Particularly Likes Tough Questions…I Don’t Apologize For Anything I Asked”

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Chris Wallace, anchor of Fox News Sunday, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about his debate questions to Donald Trump. Wallace also weighed in on the use of phone interviews on Sunday shows.

Listen here:

Wallace’s reaction to Trumps criticism of his debate questions:

“I don’t think he particularly likes tough questions…they were tough questions and I don’t apologize for anything I asked.”

On the bankruptcy question:

“You can’t ask him about his voting record, you can’t ask him about his record as governor of a state because all he has is his business record. It’s a little unusual he was involved in four bankruptcies where people lost billions of dollars and thousands of jobs…. It would be like having Mitt Romney and not asking him about Bain Capital.”

Wallace on those who don’t take Trump seriously:

“I take Trump absolutely seriously and all these people who think this is just a summer fling and he is just going to go away… republicans who are saying that are dopes.”

Wallace on Trump doing phoners & on the reports that Trump might be snubbing his show after the debate:

“The idea you would do a phoner with a presidential candidate where they have all the control and you have none, where you can’t see them and they may have talking points in from of them…we are not a call in radio show, we are a Sunday talk show and he is a presidential candidate, you do an interview on camera. As far as Trump doing Chuck Todd and not me, we invited him, they said he wasn’t available, I guess he was available to someone else, we’ll survive.”