General Frank Gorenc, Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa, joined Kilmeade & Friends in studio to discuss the challenges fighting ISIS and dealing with Russia after the invasion of Crimea.

Listen here:

Gen. Gorenc is very optimistic after we reached an agreement to use Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, something the General believes will allow our military to deliver more effective air support against ISIS. When asked what the challenges are fighting ISIS, Gen Gorenc said the toughest part is making sure we implement any strike within the rules of engagement laid out for the military and minimize collateral damage. The fundamental issue needed to put a end to ISIS is both military force and making sure there is security and stability in the Middle East.

Turning to Russia, General Gorenc said we are providing training and rendering non-lethal aid to Ukraine as they deal with Russian aggression. One of the positive unintended consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is turning NATO from crisis management to focusing on deterrence and collective security.