henryFox News GOP Presidential debate moderator Bret Baier and Ed Henry broke down the first debate with Brian on “Kilmeade and Friends.”

Bret told Brian that he feels the moderators hit their marks, crafted tough questions and wanted to get the candidates off talking points and was very happy overall with how it went. He thinks that they didn’t go too hard on Donald Trump because these are questions that he will have to face and that they wanted to address each candidates vulnerabilities. Bret did say that he briefly talked to Donald Trump after the debate and Trump was not pleased. Ed explained that the front runners need to be asked the tough questions during the debates.

Rounding out the debate, they believe that Governor Christie, Senators Cruz and Rubio all came across very well, and Jeb didn’t do anything to help or hurt himself. All the candidates wanted more time but with 10 candidates on the stage we wish we could have had another hour.