Alan Dershowitz Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and author of the new e-book “The Case Against the Deal With Iran: How Can We Stop Iran From Getting Nukes?” weighed in on the Iran nuke deal with Brian on “Kilmeade and Friends”.

Professor Dershowitz told Brian that he votes Democrat but is strongly opposed to the Iran deal because we don’t know what it is, is it a deal to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon or is it a deal to give them a weapon, we are hearing it from both sides of their mouths. He also believes that this deal makes war a bigger possibility. Professor Dershowitz believes that Congress could salvage the deal if they pass a statue adopting the preference of the deal (which states that Iran will never develop a nuclear weapon) as American policy and committing the President to take whatever action is necessary to keep Iran from getting the bomb. He also wonders why we as a super power negotiate from a position of weakness and take the military option of the table, tragically, their Ayatollah checkmated our President.