On The Record’s Greta Van Susteren called into Kilmeade & Friends to talk about Donald Trump continuing to hammer republicans, her 22 years in the news business and how she helped move Brett Favre’s retirement ceremony to Lambeau Field.

Listen here:

Greta said she is not surprised Trump is still attacking the rest of the GOP candidates with full force, she is more surprised by the fact everyone else is surprised at Trumps actions. Greta told Brian with Trump getting all the headlines, it actually helps the candidates who are in the back end of the polls because they can focus on fundraising while the media focuses on Trump.

Greta told Kilmeade how the Green Bay Packers originally planned to have two-time Super Bowl Winning QB Brett Favre’s retirement ceremony in a small in door atrium, and she suggested the event take place at Lambeau Field. She relayed her sentiments to Farve when he was On The Record and the movement for a change in venue was born. Greta said members of the Packers front office were upset with her for suggesting the move because if it would have rained, fans would be upset. Greta’s response was that Packers fans are famous for showing up to games in below zero temperatures.