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Fast Forward: Join FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent as she digs into stories on tech, innovation, media, and robots. Lots of robots.

Have you ever thought of pursuing a career in coding? Well, neither had Zach Sims. In this week's FAST FORWARD, FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent chats with the 25 year old Columbia dropout who founded the startup, Codecamedy... a company that offers free courses in code. Also, after years of endless work, curiosity, and patience, the team behind New Horizons, NASA's spacecraft, experiences a fly-by of Pluto.

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Housecall for Health: A comprehensive check-up on the latest health stories making the rounds.

There are new warnings for pain relievers that you should be aware of. Also in this Housecall for Health, some adults are skimping on fruits and veggies, heroin use is up, and there are health benefits of education.


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Balance of Power: With the latest notable political stories for you to sink your teeth into.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker became the 15th republican to announce his candidacy for president. Governor Walker is no stranger to elections, he ran in three of them in the last five years and won them all. And, democratic front runner Hillary Clinton lays out an economic message in New York City.

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Bullet Points: With the latest news and views for America's shooting community.

In this latest Bullet Points podcast - the FBI Chief saying mistakes were made involving the Charleston Church Shooting, one Idaho town's stance on guns may surprise you, and in Colorado - Republican members of the State House are proud of their pens.

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Status Updates  - Videos Gone Viral: The pulse of what's trending now on social media.

Ever wonder what Brandy's up to these days? Apparently, the singer is riding the rails, singing to unimpressed strap hangers on the New York City subways. Talk about living in the moment and loving life, this clip features a man dancing with infectious enthusiasm at an outdoor concert! And let the debate begin! Batman. Or Superman? This trending trailer gives a fuller look into the highly anticipated movie that pits the beloved superheroes against each other.

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FOX Country: Scooping country music stars grabbing the news spotlight.

Carrie Underwood survives a big scare! Luke Bryan apologizes for criticism of outlaw country... Dolly Parton makes a dream come true for a child actress and Keith Urban makes history.

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FOX In The Fast Lane: Chasing the headlines of all things NASCAR.

NASCAR takes a trip to the 'Magic Mile,' New Hampshire Motor Speedway for Sunday's running of the 5-hour Energy 301... Casey Mears stays at Germain Racing, personnel changes at Premium Motorsports, Kevin Harvick receives another award and Adam Sandler will get drivers to start their engines at Loudon.

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A Few Moments With: "A Few Moments With" is designed as a free-form interview series. The guests come from all over - the worlds of entertainment, government, science, business, and just about anywhere that we find interesting people with something to say.

AFMW: Clinton LaVor Romesha, Former US Army SSG + Medal of Honor Recipient Romesha received the Medal of Honor for actions during the Battle of Kamdesh in 2009 during the war in Afghanistan, receiving it from President Obama in February of 2013. He sits down to tell his story, and talk about "CHOOSING COURAGE: Inspiring Stories of What It Means to Be a Hero" By Peter Collier. The book is written for children ages 10 and up, it highlights the values of service and sacrifice we want to instill in our children, schools and communities in order to promote responsible citizenship.

AP Photo Pablo Martinez Monsivais



AFMW: Kristin Chenoweth, Actress Kristin Chenoweth sits down to discuss her personal story surrounding breast cancer, and the importance of women being proactive in finding out when to get a mammogram, explaining more about the accuracy of mammogram screenings, including one of the newest exams available.

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AFMW: Mehgan Heaney-Grier, Expedition Dive Master FOX News Radio's Michelle Pollino spends "A Few Moments With" one of the stars of Discovery's TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND. Discovery's new series 'TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND' is a six part series that premiered on Friday, July 17.snakeisland.jpg


AFMW: Craig Campbell, Country Music Singer Craig Campbell sits down to discuss his debut single with RED BOW Records, "Tomorrow Tonight," which is the lead track to his forthcoming third studio album also set a personal record for the singer-songwriter doubling his previous record for the most first week adds of his career.craig campbell 1


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