iranFormer Arkansas governor and G.O.P. presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee checked in with fill in host Chris Stirewalt on Kilmeade and Friends and talked about President Obama’s press conference, which he called painful, Planned Parenthood and more.

Governor Huckabee believed that President Obama has lit a fuse that could be one of the most dangerous acts of history since when Chamberlin thought we could make peace and appease the Nazis. He went on to say that it was surreal to watch the naivety with which Obama went into a deal with people who for 35 years have not kept one single agreement they have ever had. The governor went on to say that this agreement only works if you trust Obama and if you trust the Iranian government and he just can’t go there. Gov Huckabee said that Obama always likes to say there were only 2 options and he made the right one, but he says that there was a third option, increasing sanctions and totally bankrupting them.