ashleyFox Business Network’s Ashley Webster checked in with fill-in host Leslie Gold on ‘Kilmeade and Friends” to discuss the latest bailout agreement between Greece and the E.U.

Ashley told Leslie that the bailout measures are actually tougher than the ones that they voted no on last week. Ashley talked about the austerity measures in the past and although there are enforcement measures in this bailout Greece is good at putting promises on paper but that means nothing. He went on to explain that Greece talks a good game bu they are slow at enacting, if they enact it at all, and are very poor at following up to make sure the system is working.

The E.U. had to play hardball with Greece because if they let them out of the Euro or allowed a haircut it would start a domino effect for countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. The biggest problem is that having 19 countries with different economies using the same currency just doesn’t work.

Ashley believes that Greece needs a unity government, somewhere in the center, that can follow through. There is a lot of doubt and a lot of lack of trust as to whether Greece can actually turn it around.