Stephen Hayes, Fox News Contributor and senior writer for The Weekly Standard, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the chances the Obama Administration will away from a deal with Iran, Scott Walker being a real force in 2016 and Hillary Clinton making gun control a major platform issue.

Listen here:

Hayes believes there will be a deal with Iran, telling Brian President Obama saying the chances a deal will be struck with Iran are less than 50-50 is a smokescreen because of all the time and effort Kerry and the Obama administration have put into striking a deal with Iran, adding, President Obama will not walk away from a victory lap and a legacy deal.

Looking at 2016, Hayes spoke about Scott Walker becoming the candidate for mainstream conservatives and how rare it is for a first time candidate rising to national prominence.

When asked about Hilary making gun control part of her presidential platform, Hayes said this is part of her long shift to the left because she believes the way to win is to run to the left and follow Obama’s blueprint when he ran for president.