Former governor of Texas and 2016 presidential candidate, Rick Perry, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about Donald Trump’s personal attack on his handling of illegal immigration, reaching out to minority voters and the 2016 race

Listen here:

Perry believes the African American vote should not be written off, telling Brian we need to get their attention, speak to minorities in a respectful way and show them how republicans are better for education and jobs. Perry pointed to his own success as governor of Texas and how the lone star state is number two overall in graduation rate in America and pointed out that African Americans income rate in Texas is higher than anywhere else in the nation.

When it comes to Donald Trump attacking the former governor’s handling of illegal immigration, Perry said it serves no purpose to spew rhetoric and reminded the listeners that illegal immigration is not a state responsibility, it is a federal responsibility and the feds have failed over and over under the leadership of the last two presidential administrations. Perry went on to say it doesn’t do anybody any good to be disrespectful of people and said Donald Trump was “disrespectful of Mexicans and Mexican Americans”

When asked what sets him apart from the other candidates running in 2016, Perry told Brian that nobody on that stage has the resume he does, pointing to his military service as an Air Force pilot and his 14 years as governor of Texas, something Perry believes has given him executive experience unequaled by any candidate running for president.