Is Saudi Arabia a True Ally?

Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Robert W. Jordan dropped by Kilmeade and Friends to talk with Brian about his new book “Desert Diplomat”, whether the Saudi’s are truly our allies, former President Jimmy Carter bashing Obama’s foreign policy, the turmoil in Egypt, Iran and more.

Listen Here:

Ambassador Jordan said that he agrees with President Carter that he believes none of our relations in the world are better since Obama took over. He explained that unlike other presidents, Obama has not tried to build personal relationships with foreign leaders and he has a tendency to lead from behind. Amb. Jordan views Saudi Arabia as a transactional ally because we have common interests, but not common values.

Ambassador Jordan also talked about being in Saudi Arabia after 9/11 and explained that they were originally in denial that the high-jackers came from there because they didn’t want to see that their country had a big extremism problem.

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