William Cohen, Former Secretary of Defense Secretary from 1997-2001, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss Iran, ISIS, the shooting in Charleston SC and his new novel "Collision"

Listen here:

Cohen spoke with Brian about the shooting that left nine dead in Charleston, SC, and the problems America has with racism. Cohen believes racism still exists and hopes with constant exposure of race problems in America we can get to the root cause and continue to make tremendous gains in race relations. Cohen said the fact he is married to an African American, something he could not have done prior to 1965, shows how far we have come.

On Iran, Cohen believes Iran will strike a deal with the Obama administration because they know they will not get a better deal once President Obama is out of office. Cohen thinks once a deal is signed with the P5 +1 nations, congress will be backed into a corner because if they formally reject the deal, the sanctions are off the table and Iran will be free to continue to pursue a nuclear weapon without any repercussions.

Regarding ISIS, Cohen said they are not a direct threat to America at this time but feels if they do take control of Iraq they can become a global threat. Cohen believes the Arab populations in the Mid-East will have to step up and say ISIS does not represent the future we want in the Middle East.

Plus: Cohen discussed his latest novel "Collision" which is the story about the Earth being threatened by the impact of a gigantic asteroid as well as the potential of mining asteroids in the future.