Steve Hayes, Senior Writer for the Weekly Standard and Fox News Contributor, joined Kilmeade & Friend to break down the UBL documents and discuss President Obama's lack of strategy against ISIS and Iran.

Listen here:

Hayes told Brian the Obama administration is playing games by releasing only 100 documents recovered in the bin Laden raid, explaining that we cannot learn vital details needed to combat al Qaeda. However, we did learn that a Taliban representative who was meeting with the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State was also in communications with Osama bin Laden.

On Iran, Hayes asks the question, with Iran openly supporting al Qaeda, do we want to consider making a deal allowing Iran to obtain a nuke? Hayes lamented that President Obama has made it clear he needs this deal, which sends the signal to Iran that any demands they make the Obama administration will agree to.

Regarding ISIS, Hayes believes the Obama administration is delusional thinking we are beating ISIS. Hayes told Brian Ramadi is a tactical set back, despite what Obama has been saying. Hayes points out that if ISIS gains more ground in Iraq, along with their gains in Ramadi, ISIS will look to capture Baghdad.