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Greta Talk: Sit back and enjoy listening to lively and fascinating conversations with Greta van Susteren, host of FOX News Channel's On the Record.

Lt. Colonel Thomas Robert Vaucher is one of the few World War II veterans still standing. At 96 years old, he has some amazing tales to tell from the war. Vaucher was, he tells Greta, on hand for some very historic moments.

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Fast Forward: Join FOX Business Network's Jo Ling Kent as she digs into stories on tech, innovation, media, and robots. Lots of robots.

Google Venture wants you to live to 500, Foursquare's renaissance, and how much do your friends on social media align with your political views?

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Housecall for Health: A comprehensive check-up on the latest health stories making the rounds.

One set of twins is fathered by two different dads, an argument for the measles shot, a link between diet and mind, and some new medical technology.


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Balance of Power: With the latest notable political stories for you to sink your teeth into.

After Republicans gained control of the Senate last year, are Democrats becoming a party divided? And NJ Governor Chris Christie's attempt to reverse falling approval ratings...

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Bullet Points: With the latest news and views for America's shooting community.

Authorities in the deadly Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest were unaware of the recent warning on one of the gunmen, trapshooting ranks second among MN high school students, a tale of a dog with a very odd 'snack' of choice, and more...

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Status Updates  - Videos Gone Viral: The pulse of what's trending now on social media. A son surprises his parents with a trip to Hawaii, a mash-up of what seems to be Owen Wilson's favorite word, and one of the Internet's most famous dogs, Marnie, takes a trip to Ikea... Need we say more?

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FOX Country: Scooping country music stars grabbing the news spotlight.

Brad Paisley turns country superstars into superheroes, Kacey Musgraves announces the release of the follow up to her award-winning debut album and Steven Tyler goes country.

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FOX In The Fast Lane: Chasing the headlines of all things NASCAR.

NASCAR goes to North Carolina Saturday night for the All Star Race at Charlotte. Kyle Busch gets back behind the wheel, NASCAR okays Kyle Busch's Chase run, Danica's next stop and chef Guy Fieri fires up the crowd!

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A Few Moments With: "A Few Moments With" is designed as a free-form interview series. The guests come from all over - the worlds of entertainment, government, science, business, and just about anywhere that we find interesting people with something to say. 

AFMW: Danielle Grillo, Owner of Transitions Hair Solutions Grillo discusses how she is helping to restore women's confidence and self-esteem one strand at a time.



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