Tuesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with famed feminist attorney Gloria Allred about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s past history of domestic abuse and why people would pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to watch him fight this weekend in Las Vegas. Allred also discussed some of the allegations made by her clients against Bill Cosby as well.

Alan and Allred agreed that the Nevada Athletic Commission cared more about making money this past weekend than Mayweather Jr.’s past. She told Alan about the allegations her client Shantel Jackson, an ex-fiancee of Mayweather Jr., has made against the boxer, going into great detail about what he has tried to do to her and her reputation. Allred also told Alan she she’s not sure if Bill Cosby will never face changes, which is why, to use a term from Cosby’s own comedy tour, she’s “far from finished.”