Wednesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with longtime activist Tom Hayden about his new book Listen Yankee!, which explores the history of US-Cuba relations and where they are heading now that President Obama has announced the removal of some sanctions.

Alan and Hayden discussed how things have changed since the sanctions were first put in place, why it would not be surprising to see Cuban coffee show up in shops across the country, and Hayden's experiences meeting the Castro brothers.

Hayden also talked about the actions of his ex-wife Jane Fonda while they were both activists during the Vietnam War, including why Hayden thinks Fonda now regrets some of her actions:

HAYDEN: Well, she's kind of like Joan of Arc. They want to burn her at the stake, some of these people. It's a little overdone don't you think?

COLMES: I mean sure, absolutely. It was youth. Was it the indiscretion of youth years and years ago?

HAYDEN: The simple explanation is if you live by the media, you can die by the media. She had no wish for or control over those pictures. She walking down the road and some Vietnamese women in a militia are waving like fans here. "Jane Fonda! Jane Fonda!" And they invite her over and their jobs is to be sitting on an anti-aircraft gun looking for low-flying attack planes. And they show her what they do and she looks. *SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP* Photo taken. Does she regret it? Enormously.

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