Rep Kinzinger: Another Obama Red Line About To Be Crossed

kinzinger_adamFresh off hosting the Armed Forces Foundation dinner last night, Brian was live in Washington DC, where he opened the show with Republican Deputy Whip, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who discussed Iran preparing to deliver weapons to Yemen, ISIS and his issues with Senator Rand Paul.

Listen Here:

Kinzinger believes President Obama is coming dangerously close to another one of his red lines being crossed if we allow Iran to deliver weapons to Yemen. Kinzinger believes Iran does not fear any reprisals from America because of the tepid responses coming from the Obama administration.

Kinzinger believes we are not doing what needs to be done to stop ISIS and the only way to stop followers from joining them on their crusade is to crush them. Kinzinger said he was one of the people calling for bombing ISIS over a year and a half ago when they only had a couple thousand members, adding, when we donít address these types of cancers early on so we donít suffer the consequences later on.