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Wednesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with real estate mogul and potential Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who said he was more serious than ever for a possible run at the White House.

Trump gave Alan his opinion about some of the major names that have either declared their candidacy or have had their name mentioned as a possible candidate, why 2016 is the election has has him the most motivated to run, and why he is concerned that "Mexico is the new China."

Here are some highlights:

TRUMP: I'm looking at it very serious, now I have a team, I never had a team before. I have people in New Hampshire, I have people in Iowa and a whole team, so we're looking at it very seriously, and Alan, honestly, you and I might be on little bit different sides but you understand this too. I'm tired of watching what's happening to this country. ********** COLMES: Marco Rubio just announced, what's your take? TRUMP: Well, I think it's a long shot. I think he gave up a lot. He's given up his Senate seat in order to run and he got nice reviews on his speech. I think he's a nice guy, I don't know him...I think it's a long shot, but let's see what happens. COLMES: What about Ted Cruz, first to announce? TRUMP: Again I know him and he had a very good announcement. People just don't know. He's quite conservative, and that's in my opinion a good thing, and in some opinion's maybe it's not. But I think he's an impressive guy. COLMES: Jeb Bush? TRUMP: I think it's going to be very hard. Personally I think the last thing this country needs is another Bush, his view on Common Core is something certainly, from the primary standpoint, is not going to help him. His views on immigration are not going to help him with the primaries. Perhaps that will be OK through a general election, but for the primaries, I think it's going to be very very tough for Bush, even though he's very successful in raising money. He's not very successful right now in the polls. And he's not very successful in terms of crowds and everything. COLMES: Rand Paul has announced as well. TRUMP: He was a Libertarian, he's becoming more and more of a conservative over a period of time. It's interesting to see what's happening. But he had a strong base, his father's base and his base....You know I like him, I like most of them, that I know, I like them on a personal basis. We'll see whether or not they have what it takes. COLMES: Is it over for Chris Christie? TRUMP: Well, he's a friend of mine, he's a really good guy, he's probably waiting to see what happens. COLMES: The other figure who is considered the conservative hope is Scott Walker. TRUMP: Right, and again, he was up to my office, I think he's catching on pretty nicely, and I think of the group, he's probably doing the best in terms of polls and in terms of popularity. ********** TRUMP: You know Mexico, Alan, is becoming the new China. Not only are they killing us on the border, with what's going on in terms of security, and in terms of immigration on the border, but they are becoming the car capital of the world! Then they make the cars, take the business away from us, they sell the cars to us, and there's no tax, we get nothing out of it.