Craft Beer

Brian was joined by House Republican Chief Deputy Whip, Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who discussed Rand Paul and Ted Cruz announcing their candidacies for 2016, President Obama's swipe at Christians on Easter, reforming the IRS and his proposed legislation to help craft beer brewers.

Listen here:

Congressman McHenry talked about the plight of craft brewers in America, many of which reside in his district (Ashville, NC claims to have more breweries per capita than any other U.S. city). McHenry told Brian that if congress passes the Small Brew Act, it will cut small brewers federal taxes in half, which in turn will allow them to grow and hire more workers.

On 2016, McHenry told Brian that having Rand Paul and Ted Cruz run for president is healthy for the GOP. He believes the republicans have an "embarrassment of riches" compared to what the democrats have to offer voters, mainly because Hillary Clinton is the only viable candidate.

McHenry took exception to President Obama's comments on Easter when the president said he gets concerned when he listens to "less than loving expressions by Christians," telling Brian that President Obama believes anyone who disagrees with his views are expressing hatred toward him personally.