mikelee2United States Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and author of "Our Lost Constitution" talked about the GOP presidential candidates, the rise of the Tea Party movement and how we can get back to restoring and following our Constitution.

Senator Lee also believes that Tea Party members can get people with different social viewpoints but similar political and economic beliefs to back their party. He also talked about wanting to make programs like Social Security sustainable for the long haul if we make changes for the younger people in the workforce and not those that have already retired or are close to retiring. You can't change or take away benefits from those that have already paid in to a program and or are close to receiving their benefits. The Senator also believes that congress has stopped being a lawmaker and just delegates authority to people who have not been elected to make laws so they can say I voted for them to make a good law, I had nothing to do with it. Congress needs to get back to making laws.