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Monday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke to former Governor and host of's Off The Grid, Jesse Ventura, who once again gave Alan his no-holds barred view of American politics. Some of the topics they covered included the Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the desertion charges against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the possible deal between the US and Iran, and if Ventura will be running for President in 2016. Check out the highlights here:

COLMES: We've been talking about what's been going on in Indiana...what Gov. Mike Pence has done in signing a law which he says is much like a federal law, much like states' law, which are just not true that basically allows businesses to decide they're not going to serve gays. VENTURA: This is just another example of bringing church into state. You know it's as simple as that. That they're bringing church beliefs into the governing ideals of our country, which isn't supposed to be that way. As much as people want to say that we're a Christian nation. we're this and that. The forefathers clearly did not want religion brought into governance. And the farther we can keep religion our of governance, the better government you have. ********** COLMES: The Iranian deal, as you know, has been upfront in the news and the President, it seems like the deadline is near for them to agree to have a deal or not, you have 47 Senators sign a letter, Republican Senators trying to undermine the Executive Branch negotiating with a foreign power. I can't imagine you'd support that. VENTURA: Well you know to me Alan, if you look at the United States from outside the country like I do a great deal, we're becoming a laughingstock. People are laughing at us at the ridiculousness of our two parties and how they behave with each other. They don't put the United States first. they put their political party and their political agendas first. ********** COLMES: Do you think it was right to charge (Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl)? VENTURA: I just find it very interesting that they want to charge Bergdahl but nobody's charging the torture people? How come we swept the torture people under the rug? How come we didn't follow the torture all the way up to who sanctioned it, who were two guys we had in the White House? ********** COLMES: Is Hillary Clinton electable? VENTURA: Anyone's electable, sure she is, Bill won twice why shouldn't she be? After all we got our first black President, now shouldn't we get a woman President who's part of the system? It won't make any difference but shouldn't we break that barrier down, I'm sure that's what they're thinking. COLMES: I think we should. I think it's about time. VENTURA: Let's do it with the right one though, how about Elizabeth Warren? COLMES: Well she's not running. VENTURA: Yeah I know, unfortunately. COLMES: You would like to see Elizabeth Warren get into the race? VENTURA: Well, I just like the fact that she seems to put people first. She's not putting corporations first. ********* COLMES: So what would it take for you to really (run for President)? VENTURA: Well I would have to go get the endorsement of the Libertarians next June because they're on the ballot all over the country so I would need to get ballot access. And then of course would have to shame them into allowing me into the debates because you got to be in the debates. So if they can keep you out of the debates you don't stand much of a chance.