senorDan Senor co-founder of the Foreign Policy Initiative and former advisor to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan weighed in on Afghanistan President Ghani Ahmadzai , Israel, and the turmoil in the Middle East.

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Dan was glad to hear President Ghani Ahmadzai thanking the American people and military for helping his country stay free and ISIS free. The reason President Obama wants to get rid of all American military personnel out of Afghanistan and Iraq because he ran on ending wars and bringing all our soldiers home. Obama wants to have a non-existent military footprint throughout the world, however just having America out of the world is not going cease making the world a mess.

On the issue of Israel and Palestine Dan explained that there is no peace process taking place. The other side doesn't want a deal with Israel. President Obama attempting to portray Netanyahu as the one standing between peace and chaos is absurd and is a combination of personal resentment and a strategic reason to downgrade the U.S. / Israeli relationship.