kinzinger Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who serves on both the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee talked to Brian today about the letter to Iran, Hillary and more. Congressman Kinzinger said that a lack of American leadership is allowing Iran to take over parts of Iraq because they are the ones that are giving them the help to defeat ISIS. He also believes that we are ceding the Middle East from our friends to our enemies.

Congressman Kinzinger weighed in on the letter from Senator Cotton and said that he agreed with the letter but thought it should have been written to either President Obama or the American people instead of Iranian leadership. He also explained that if you want to talk about undermining or unprecedented was much Senator Harry Reid (D-NV ) in 2007 saying that the war in Iraq was lost, and that it is something he can never forgive him for. He also believes that everything this president does is through the lens of how to attack Republicans.